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Agenda at a Glance

Strategic Summit
H2 Projects Roadshow
H2 MasterClass
Cocktail Party
H2Innovate Next
Startup & Student Program
Women in Hydrogen
Tuesday, 25 June
14:00PM - 17:30PM
Wednesday, 26 June
09:00AM - 18:00PM
14:00PM - 18:00PM
18:30PM - 20:30PM
11:00AM - 17:30PM
14:00PM - 15:00PM
Thursday, 27 June
09:00AM - 17:30PM
09:00AM - 17:30PM
09:00AM - 17:30PM
Startup Challenge Hub

2024 Start-up Challenge Hub

Start-up Challenge Hub Partner:

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hydrogen industry, innovation takes center stage. The "Start-up Challenge Hub" session is the dynamic session designed to provide global start-ups in the hydrogen sector with a distinct platform to spotlight their groundbreaking innovations in front of industry leaders. This hub offers an invaluable opportunity for start-ups to receive insights and feedback directly from industrial luminaries, fostering growth and collaboration.

The "Start-up Challenge Hub" marks a convergence of aspiration and achievement, promising an engaging exchange of ideas, insights, and inspiration. Join us in celebrating innovation that shapes the future of the hydrogen sector.


Date: 26 June 2024

Time: 15:30-17:30 (120mins)

Venue: Hall 3, IFEMA Madrid, Spain

Admission: Free Entrance for all sponsors, speakers, delegates, and visitors

Start-up Challenge Hub Advisory Board

2024 Event Theme: Empowering Tomorrow's Hydrogen Leaders: Nurturing Innovation, Bridging Ideas, and Honoring Excellence

Form: Project Presentation (Free application and entry)

Event Overview: The "Start-up Challenge Hub" is a dynamic session that spotlights global start-ups, offering a unique stage to present groundbreaking solutions.

Eligibility: The event is open to all startups that should typically be in the early to growth stages of development and must operate in the hydrogen sector, focusing on innovations, technologies, or solutions related to hydrogen production, storage, distribution, or utilization.

Pre-Registration: Teams are required to pre-register before 15 April 2024, for validation by the organizer.

Selection Process: The selection process will comprise two rounds:

1. Portfolio/Idea Submission:

  • Submission Deadline: 23 May 2024

  • Requirements: Concise portfolio or idea document (up to 3 pages) with text, design, schematics, and illustrations.

  • Evaluation Criteria: Innovation, feasibility, market potential, and scalability.

  • Organizer's Review: Internal team review to pre-select top entries based on the specified criteria.

2. On-Site Presentation (Final Round):

  • Shortlisted Participants Notification: 27 May 2024

  • Format: Shortlisted participants should attend for an on-site presentation.

  • Presentation: Participants present their innovations for 15-20 mins followed by a Q&A session.

  • Evaluation: Panel of live judges assesses presentations in real-time.

  • Scoring Criteria: Clarity, innovation, market fit, scalability, and responses to judges' queries.

  • Winner Declaration: Winners are announced based on cumulative scores from the on-site presentation round.


Pre-Registration: 8 January 2024 - 15 April 2024

Project/Idea Submission: 16 April 2024 - 23 May 2024

Pre-selection: 23 May 2024 - 27 May 2024

Stage Presentation: 26 June 2024

These rules are designed to ensure a fair and transparent competition that fosters innovation in the field of sustainable energy. We encourage all eligible participants to take part in this exciting opportunity to contribute to the advancement of hydrogen integration in the European region's energy system.

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