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Bolstering a Pipeline-based Hydrogen Future for Europe

[IMPACT  LIVE] Bolstering a Pipeline-based Hydrogen Future for Europe

Date & Time: 10:00 - 11:50, CET, Feb 21 Tuesday

Format: Virtual Conference


The success of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 and that of renewable hydrogen will depend on a mature inter-regional hydrogen infrastructure in place. While integrating substantial volumes of green hydrogen into the system and connecting regions of supply and demand has been identified as a key approach, the most optimum pathways of delivery have yet to be defined, along with policy support, development of a regulated hydrogen market and offtake scaling up.

This webinar aims to explore that future form of a high-performing EU hydrogen network by examining the current one and possible evolvement coupled with hydrogen corridors and various types of trading partnerships. The virtual session is also part of the content line of Europe's largest and most influential green hydrogen event: Connecting Green Hydrogen Europe 2023.

Feb 21 Impact Agenda (Central European Time):

10:00 - 10:05 | Organizer Welcome

Holnam Sha, Senior Content Analyst, Leader Associates


10:05 - 10:20 | [Keynote] Accelerating the Creation of European Hydrogen Economy with flagship projects  - Case sharing from Nordic Hydrogen Route by Gasgrid Finland

Olli Sipilä, CEO, Gasgrid Finland

10:20 - 10:35 | [Keynote] Linking the Iberia's Hydrogen Potential with Demand Centres - REN's Role in Establishing the H2MED

Pedro Carola, Head of Renewable Gas Planning, REN 

10:35 - 10:50 | [Keynote] Upgrading the 30,000+ Kilometer Network of Pipelines for the Hydrogen ERA - Story from SNAM 

Xavier Rousseau, Senior Vice President Strategy, Snam S.p.A

10:50 - 11:50 | [Panel] European Hydrogen Backbone - Coordinating and Accelerating EU Hydrogen Transport Infrastructure Development in An Integrated Manner



Tobias Bühnen, Policy Advisor, Gas Infrastructure Europe


Sara Kärki, Chairwoman, European Hydrogen Backbone & Senior Vice President, Hydrogen Development, Gasgrid Finland 

Giulia Branzi, Head of Climate Policies, Snam S.p.A.

Roland Roesch, Director Innovation and Technology Center, IRENA

Bronagh O'Hagan, External Relations Director, Eurogas

Stephan Krein, Corporate Development and Hydrogen Program Director, ONTRAS

Ermal Ndini, Energy Policy & Comms, Open Grid Europe (OGE)

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Roland Roesch

Acting Director Innovation and Technology Center


  • Olli Sipilä

Olli Sipilä



Gasgrid Finland

Stephan Krein

Corporate Development and Hydrogen Program Director


  • Giulia Branzi

Giulia Branzi

Head of Climate Policies

Snam S.p.A. 

Ermal Ndini

Energy Policy & Comms

Open Grid Europe (OGE) 

  • Sara Kärki

Sara Kärki


European Hydrogen Backbone

Senior Vice President, Hydrogen Development

Gasgrid Finland

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Bronagh O'Hagan

External Relations Director


Pedro Carola

Head of Renewable Gas Planning


Xavier Rousseau

Senior Vice President Strategy

Snam S.p.A. 

  • Tobias Bühnen

Tobias Bühnen

Policy Advisor

Gas Infrastructure Europe


Holnam Sha

Senior Content Analyst

Leader Associates

  • LinkedIn
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