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[IMPACT Webinar]
Scaling New Heights of Europe’s Hydrogen Economy: Means of Accomplishing the 20-Million-Ton Goal

[IMPACT Webinar]: Scaling New Heights of Europe’s Hydrogen Economy: Means of Accomplishing the 20-Million-Ton Goal

Date & Time: November 7th, 10:30-12:30 Central Europe Time

Format: Digital Conference

Webinar Overview:

In pursuit of the 20-million-ton target established by REPowerEU, green hydrogen is gradually becoming a cornerstone of the EU’s energy transition strategy. With the global market for green hydrogen becoming increasingly competitive, it is crucial to strategize for the future. The upcoming webinar will delve deeply into the European green hydrogen market and shed light on the EU’s latest policy frameworks and financial support mechanisms. By thoroughly reviewing successful cases, the webinar aims to explore effective strategies for boosting energy efficiency, scaling up green hydrogen production, facilitating future imports and exports, and fostering robust partnerships, so as to accelerate the growth of the hydrogen economy in Europe and drive the continent towards a sustainable and thriving future.

Key topics to be covered:

  • Gain insight into market trends and legislative progressions in the European hydrogen sector

  • Analyze Spain’s pioneering role in advancing the hydrogen economy within Europe

  • Understand the European Hydrogen Bank’s support and stay updated on its latest terms and conditions for the European hydrogen market

  • Explore successful projects and identify strategies to enhance energy efficiency, scale up production, and promote future imports and exports


  • 200+ visionary investors, prominent project leaders, policy influencers, and industry supply chain partners and research institutes

IMPACT Planned Agenda:

10:30-10:50 | [Opening] Advancing a Carbon-Free Europe: The European Union's Renewed Commitment to Green Hydrogen

10:50-11:10 | [Keynote] Spain’s Green Hydrogen Roadmap: Propelling the Clean Energy Transition and Positioning Spain as Europe's Energy Hub

11:10-11:30 | [Keynote] Exploring the Role of the European Hydrogen Bank in Rejuvenating the European Hydrogen Market

11:30-11:50 | [Keynote] Empowering Future Hydrogen Infrastructure: Progresses of the H2Med International Interconnected Network

11:50-12:10 | [Keynote] Embracing the Era of Mega Projects: A Case Study of Hydeal Ambition

12:10-12:30 | [Keynote] Pioneering the Decarbonization Landscape of Europe: bp’s World-Scale Green Hydrogen Cluster

Insights Brought to You by:

Stefanie Hiesinger

Head of Unit for Low Carbon Solutions

European Commission

Anthony Mazzenga

Chief Business Development Officer


Thierry Lepercq

Founder & President


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Eileen Tang

Senior Content Analyst

Leader Associates

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