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Hydrogen in Europe
- Go Large or Decentralized


Dario Traum

Head of the Climate Intelligence Unit

Macquarie Group

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Didier Holleaux

Executive Vice President


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Cosma Panzacchi

EVP, Hydrogen Business Unit


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Belen Linares Corell

Innovation Director


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Søren Bjerregaard Pedersen


Hydrogen Valley DK

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Luc Graré

Director of International Business


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Hydrogen in Europe – Go Large or Decentralized



Despite strong investment interests in large-scale hydrogen + long-distance pipeline conversion, many people argue that decentralized, on-site production will have a better footing in Europe. The scale benefits in large centralized projects will help bring down the cost of electrolyzers and BoP, but it’s also obvious that distributed projects have a huge advantage in saving logistic costs.

This webinar has an interesting live discussion on future hydrogen production and delivery pathways in Europe, whether it will be in a centralized model or in a more distributed format. We asked ENGIE, Snam, Acciona, Lhfye, Hydrogen Valley, and Macquarie for their opinions.

Key Takeaways:


  • Decentralized, Centralized hydrogen production, Hydrogen Valley

  • The Early Adopter's Choices

  • What are Infrastructure Operators' Perspective & Opportunities other than Hydrogen?

  • Recent Development Projects to Watch


Molly Huang

Content Lead

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