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Tuesday, 25 June
14:00PM - 17:30PM
Wednesday, 26 June
09:00AM - 18:00PM
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14:00PM - 15:00PM
Thursday, 27 June
09:00AM - 17:30PM
09:00AM - 17:30PM
09:00AM - 17:30PM

Agenda at a Glance

2024 Student Day Open Room

Student Day Open Room

“Unleash Your Potential in Clean Energy”

As the clean energy industry continues to forge ahead, exciting opportunities arise for young individuals who are passionate about making a meaningful impact. The Student Day is designed to create a platform for both undergraduate and graduate students to explore various career paths within the clean energy sector and gain valuable insights from industry experts. By facilitating connections between students and professionals, the Student Day offers a unique opportunity to forge connections, broaden horizons, and embark on a fulfilling journey towards careers in sustainability.

Date: June 26, 2024

Time: 11:00-12:50 (110 min)

Venue: Hall 3, IFEMA Madrid, Spain

Admission: Free Entrance for all sponsors, speakers, delegates, and visitors

11:00 - 11:05

05 mins

Opening Remark: Towards a Sustainable and Brighter Future
  • Welcome remarks and introduction of the Student Day agenda

  • Brief overview of the purpose and goals of the Student Day

Dr. Alberto Abánades
Industrial Engineer Ph.D.
Full Professor of the Department of Energy Engineering of the E.T.S.I.I.

11:05 - 11:20

15 mins

[Keynote] Identifying Professional Interests and Strategic Career Planning in Clean Energy
  • Guidance brought by an esteemed professor on career planning and career development in the clean energy industry

  • Discuss topics such as the setting of career goals, ways to identify individual strengths and interests, the importance of creating career roadmaps, and how to adapt to changes in the job market

  • Explore the importance of lifelong learning, continuous skill development, and staying up-to-date with industry trends to enhance career prospects

Dr. Alberto Abánades
Industrial Engineer Ph.D.
Full Professor of the Department of Energy Engineering of the E.T.S.I.I.

11:20 - 11:50

30 mins

[Keynote] Building a Career in the Clean Energy Sector: Opportunities, Challenges, and Essential Skills
  • Insights brought by an industry professional to present an overview of the development and status of the clean energy industry

  • Comprehensive overview of career opportunities, emerging roles, and essential skills in demand

  • Practical advice on how to effectively prepare for and enter various career paths, including key competencies and certifications that enhance employability

Ms. Justine Scott-Gray
Executive Coach Renewable Energy
Drum Consulting & RWE

11:50 - 12:20

30 mins

[Case Workshop] Challenges and Opportunities of the Education and Training Programmes regarding Green Hydrogen Workforce in Europe
  • Presented by an expert professor specializing in green hydrogen technologies

  • Presentation of the increasing demand for green hydrogen, including a case study on the H2Excellence project

  • Discussion on the European Union's investment and strategic efforts to fill the skill gaps and enhance workforce training in this sector

Olga Guerrero-Pérez
Full Professor of Chemical Engineering
Universidad de Málaga

12:20 - 12:50

30 mins

Closing Adress & Networking
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