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2024 Women in Hydrogen Program

2024 Women in Hydrogen Program

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“Women in Hydrogen” Program

Explore the essence of diversity at the Women in Hydrogen Program. Delve into the narratives that amplify the role of women in propelling the green hydrogen sector to new horizons. This event stands as a tribute to the multitude of perspectives, insights, and contributions that shape a more inclusive and innovative hydrogen landscape.

Date: 26 June 2024

Time: 14:00-15:00 (60 minutes)

Venue: Hall 3, IFEMA Madrid, Spain

Admission: Free Entrance for all sponsors, speakers, delegates, and visitors

14:00 - 15:00

60 mins

[Panel] Igniting Diversity in the Green Hydrogen Sector
  • Dismantling barriers, discover how women professionals are breaking down barriers and reshaping the traditional narrative in the green hydrogen domain.

  • Innovation catalysts, gain insights into how diverse voices foster innovation, drive new ideas, and catalyze technological advancements.

  • Sustainability champions, explore the pivotal role women play in championing sustainable practices and ensuring a more resilient and eco-conscious hydrogen future.

  • Policy shapers, uncover the influence of women in shaping policies that drive the adoption and growth of green hydrogen technologies.

  • Inclusive progress, learn about the tangible benefits of diversity, from accelerating research to fostering global partnerships, and ultimately propelling the industry forward.

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